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The Client Experience
Here’s a look at some of the successes we’ve planned, conceived, managed + achieved.
Giant Eagle
cookie dunk
The Challenge
Judging by the myriad of options on your grocer’s shelves, Americans love coffee more than life itself. That’s why Giant Eagle looked to launch their own brand in the Pittsburgh, Cleveland and Columbus areas. But even though it’s one of the nation’s largest food, fuel and pharmacy retailers with over $9 billion in annual sales, standing out in that crowded field wouldn’t be easy.
The Solution
After conducting thorough market research, we created a two-week campaign to showcase the new product line and entice engagement through the invitation to “Show Me Your Mug.” Through social media ads and social influencer endorsements, our target audience was encouraged to post a selfie with their favorite coffee mug on Facebook and Instagram with #ShowMeYourMug. Each post automatically entered participants into a drawing for a Giant Eagle coffee prize basket.
We also used our media connections to partner with several radio stations in each market on a separate contest via their websites or social for a chance to win Giant Eagle coffee for a year.
The Result
We brewed up a winner. With nearly 3.4 million total radio impressions, over 1.1 million digital impressions and more than 52,000 social media impressions, we successfully created broad awareness in only two weeks. Giant Eagle reeled in 218 contest submissions and rewarded 13 lucky winners.
The Challenge
Coca-Cola — the most iconic and identifiable brand in the world — speaks for itself. But what is the “ABARTA” part? Coca-Cola’s CEO had announced a plan to “franchise” off all bottling and distribution in the US to 35 independent operators.
The vision was to create local connections with consumers while maintaining global Coca-Cola brand values. ABARTA Coca-Cola Beverages was born, soon becoming the 10th largest Coca-Cola franchise in the US. But the question remained: “Who is ABARTA?”
The Solution
After an extensive agency search, ABARTA hired us in early 2017 to tackle the challenge of creating a brand within a brand.
To meet that challenge, we developed their identity, brand platform, logo, and v1.0 website. We also designed and orchestrated a multi-state media event/launch day to commemorate the brand’s first official day of business.
The Result
Thanks to our combined efforts, the launch-day events generated over $250,000 in earned media value via local, regional and national coverage.
Our creative work was praised by Coca-Cola’s brand director who said, “The new identity looks great and is a symbol of the history and future of ABARTA Coca-Cola Beverages as a key bottling partner in the Coca-Cola system.”
Our success has earned us responsibility for ABARTA’s ongoing public relations and corporate communications.
The Challenge
In early 2016, Eaton Corporation found itself on the defensive. Competitor Square D had launched a new pricing strategy via contractor advertising to claim leadership in the residential and wiring devices category. Eaton needed to drive a stake in the ground as the true leader in technology, product reliability, safety and efficiency to reclaim their lofty status.
The brand also needed to create conversion opportunities at the distributor level to drive retail sales, and to align messaging with marketing tactics that could help guide the consumer through Eaton’s buying cycle.
The Solution
This was a unique position for Eaton to be in — one that we believed called for a unique approach that was outside the norm of any previous Eaton campaign.
Our solution, Always ON, positioned Eaton residential products as continuously working, while providing safety and reliability from the service entrance to the wall plate.
We derived the graphic treatment of “ON” from the iconic EATON logo — the “A-ha” moment for our creative team, and utilized this approach to reach and educate contractors, channel partners, homeowners and Eaton Distributor Sales Specialists at different points of the Buying Journey of Education, Solution and Vendor Selection.
The Result
Eaton experienced sell out numbers with residential and wiring device products at the retail level. The campaign has now moved into its third year, expanding from print and point-of-sale to digital and testimonial videos.
The Challenge
Nationally recognized St. Clair Hospital provides advanced high-quality care to more than 300,000 residents in Southwestern PA. A major component of their success is orthopedics.
It’s also one of the most competitive specialties in all of healthcare, and independent and group practices alike need a proactive, long-term marketing strategy just to keep pace. But St. Clair doesn’t want to keep pace — it wants to set the pace. And it wants to be known for doing just that.
The Solution
We enlisted four patients who recently had orthopedic surgery at St. Clair Hospital, and featured them enjoying their favorite activities without pain. These compelling stories were featured in St. Clair’s quarterly magazine, HouseCall, which has a circulation of nearly a quarter million households.
We also targeted placements for creative on billboards, bus shelters, mall duratrans, subway T-stop signage, and in print ads throughout the South Hills area to maximize exposure.
The campaign was tested and rated highly among consumers and physicians alike. Overall awareness of the St. Clair's Orthopedic offerings reached 70% in the targeted region, and the campaign was extended beyond its originally-scheduled run due to positive internal demand.
The Challenge
Develop a community-focused, but nationally-cognizant grand opening strategy. Conceptualize an event and experience that would be turnkey, duplicatable, efficient, but feel highly customized and local to consumers and team members. We needed to build a process that could keep up with Total Wine’s aggressive growth strategy of opening 20 new stores per year throughout the country.
It’s one thing to open a location in a new community. It’s another to demonstrate that you belong there. Total Wine was looking for a partner to help them “get” what their new communities were all about, and to engage with customers in lasting, meaningful ways in order to demonstrate the brand’s commitment to being a true part of each market.
The Solution
Drawing on our 30+ year history of helping, designing and executing over 4,000 successful grand openings throughout the country for clients such as Sears, Sunoco, Damon’s, Giant Eagle and more, we developed a customized playbook that paired scalable activations and experiences with Total Wine’s brand personality and values.
Cheese sculptures, regionally-inspired food pairings, locally-acclaimed artists, live music acts and in-market brand ambassadors implementing brand immersion activities compliment out-of-home marketing tactics to bring each Total Wine grand opening to life.
The Result
To date, we’ve opened over 100 stores with the Maryland-based chain, expanding their national presence to 195 stores with annual revenue exceeding $2.7 billion.
With the continuing success of our program, Total Wine plans to grow to continue this same growth rate for the foreseeable future with a goal of $4 billion in sales by 2021.